2018 Calendar of Jennifer Dawn

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This is a collaboration of my images from some amazing photographers.
  • Premium Glossy Card Stock Wall Calendar

    6" x 8.5" Premium Glossy Card Stock Wall Calendar

    This sturdy stock will stand the test of time.  You can expect vibrant colors, an extra shine and a high-quality look and feel.

    From January 2018 to December 2018

    Photographer Credits:

    [Cover- Stan Fleming] [January-Stan Fleming] [February-Matt Taylor] [March-Lyndon Maristela] [April-Richard Martinez] [May-Lyndon Maristela] [June-Don Hales] [July-Vu Man] [August-Ben Brignola] [September-Stan Fleming] [October-Lyndon Maristela] [November-Vu Man] [December-Stan Fleming]


    Calendars are final sale after being signed.  All others can be returned before January 1, 2018 if there is a printing error.

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